Select plant or strain

A crowd sourced database of plant grow recipes allows you to give your specific plant or strain the ideal conditions for it to thrive.


Monitor and Control the growth of your plant from anywhere in the world.

Open/Lock the door

Unlock your GroBox remotely from your App. Keep it locked from anyone else.

pH balancing

Set the pH range for optimal nutrient uptake and avoid nutrient lockups.

Task Reminder

In order to achieve optimal results, there are simple tasks you need to do every now and then. The App will give you reminders and show you what to do.


Set the time at which your lights turn on, pair your App with your GroBox, calibrate your sensors.


GroBox Dimensions

What’s Included

The Cloudponics GroBox automated grow system comes with:

  • Aeroponic Grow Chamber for 4-6 plants
  • 6 Grow Cubes
  • 6 Netcups
  • Black Dog Phytomax 200 LED grow light
  • Fans: 1) Extraction  2) Circulation
  • Fresh Water Reservoir
  • Fresh Water Pump
  • Aeroponic Irrigation Pump
  • Nutrient Mix Reservoir
  • Carbon Filter for odour removal
  • Sensors: 1) pH  2) EC sensor  3) Water Temperature  4) Air Temperature  5) Humidity  6) Light
  • Nutrient dosing for 3 nutrients
  • pH [+] and [-] dosing
  • Automated Door Lock
  • iPhone and Android App

Includes Free nutrients and pH buffers for first 3 months*

*Additional 6-month Nutrient Refresh packs can be purchased by visiting our website.